About Us

Our key design philosophy seeks fresh and new expressions of timeless styles.The contemporary cosmopolitanism of New York and the deep cultural heritage of Istanbul help us to create distinctive jewelry that combine confident modern aesthetic with sublime classical touches.

Making the actual pieces is another story of its own. Passionate craftsmanship converts inspired designs into jewelry that women around the world can enjoy wearing.

Passionate craftsmanship is made of soul and science. We believe in the traditional wisdom of "what we make is what we are". Every piece we make is a statement of our craftsmanship and our craftsmanship embodies our self-respect. This is the soul of April Venus workshop.

But soul alone is not enough to deliver a no-compromise quality. Careful selection of materials and gem stones together with quality control systems and experience developed through catering to the jewelry world's largest and most demanding customers and major retail chains within the U.S.and Europe is the science of our passionate craftsmanship.

We favor now over forever. To us, now means embracing never ending change. Now means experimenting with looks, shapes and colors. Now means a flash of glamour. Now means affordability.